Employee Remuneration Management Solutions

Payroll Processing
Acei will administer all elements of the payroll - the client provides us with payroll related information of their employees.Ace updates the database, processes the information and ensure that all deliverables are dispatched by the due date every month.

The “Ace” Advantage:

  • Monthly payroll updating and processing of pay slips Administer comprehensive employee benefits
  • Benefit tracking
  • Pension processing
  • Expat Employee Employment Exemption
  • Prospecting
  • Understanding client requirements with the use of templates
  • Map the clients payroll process
  • Send a proposal
  • Sign the agreement
  • Data Migration
  • Two months parallel run
  • Process pay slips
  • Generate Reports
  • File Returns

Disbursal Management:
Ace partners with Foreign and Indian Private banks for disbursal of salary to employees. Ace will process all Bank related documents for paying salaries to clients employees. All letters to the bank will be processed byAce and sent to the client for signature, by the authorized person.

The “Ace” Advantage:

  • Process cheques for employees
  • Ensure DDs / MOs reach on time
  • Disbursement on National level
  • Direct cheque deposit for salary and loans
  • Direct payment to credit agencies

Statutory Compliance Support:
Ace will support clients in ensuring that all statutory requirements for PF, ESIC, Profession Tax and Income Tax are duly complied with. If required Ace will undertake to register with the respective Statutory Authorities for this purpose. Ace will also undertake filing of monthly, quarterly and annual returns and reports with the respective Authorities.

The “Ace” Advantage:

  • P.F. and ESIC Registration
  • P.F., ESIC, Income Tax - Monthly and Quarterly Returns and Filing
  • P.F., ESIC, Income Tax - Year end reconciliation
  • File Income Tax returns for employees
  • Maintain records under Factories Act
  • Maintain records under Factories Act

    The Statutory Compliance Support Process

PF Administering Trusts:

  • Formation of Trust for P.F.
  • Clearance from Authorities
  • Reviewing and administering investment policies of the trust
  • Collection of interest
  • Monthly reports on the investments
  • Administering Labour Welfare Trusts

Record Maintenance:
Ace has the capability to operate either on the client's software or utilize sophisticated indigenous software.Ace leverages on technology to offer a flexible methodology to suit client's requirements. Ace offers to use the client's software, if it serves the requirements of the company.

The “Ace” Advantage:

  • Attendance Records through swipe machines
  • Leave records - with monthly updates
  • Leave encashment records
  • Overtime records
  • Loan records

Other additional services:
   -Attendance Records through swipe machines
   -Leave records - with monthly updates
   -Leave encashment records
   -Overtime records
   -Loan records




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